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icon_pdf  WalkMe Dictionary

Get up to speed with our new jargon!

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icon_pdf  What is WalkMe Comprised Of?

A quick guide to WalkMe’s three modules: The Editor, Player, and Analytics.


icon_pdf  WalkMe’s User Manual

Get started with this step-by-step guide on creating Walk-Thrus.

icon_pdf  Best Practices

Learn from the pros with this Best Practices tip guide.

icon_pdf  Customize WalkMe

Customize your WalkMe with our all new Widget and Balloon Designs

icon_pdf  Test your Walk-Thrus

Effectively QA your Walk-thrus with this guide.

icon_pdf  WalkMe Architecture

See how WalkMe is a built. A resource for Tech/IT professionals to understand WalkMe’s implementation.

icon_pdf  What is a WalkMe Extension?

icon_pdf  Keys to Salesforce

icon_pdf  Sugar CRM Installation Guide (Versions 6.5 and 7)

icon_pdf  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation Guide (Version 1.1)